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During Business/Market challenges we support you to achieve results
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We support the team by coaching/training/correct tools to achieve the result
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By audit performing we understand the real situation - providing opportunities
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Preparing the strategy, reporting, everything what is needed
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Saved to the Clients
22 M$
by business process improvements
Helped to receive
153 M$
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33.7 M
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We already made that for them

The Vizume app for iPad is a perfect tool for job seekers to make a dynamic, interactive resume’s that will give them visibility. There was also included service for video CV posting for candidates and recruiters.
TIPIT is innovative cross-platform technology enables developers and creators to integrate advanced real-time AR graphics SDK into their products. It was indeed one of the first of its kind, featuring unique video and photo editing with special effects.
Solo Selfie is an AR mobile app for Android and iOS. It has been created on the platform which we developed for Camerai.co (TIPIT project). Here we have developed a website, mobile app and the video processing algorithm.
Custom-built social network with multi-media support, chatting, geo-data, live posts, and user's moderation. It includes local business monetization options.
Kidocine is a unique French service that combines cinema and babysitting. We’ve developed the native mobile apps for payment management and the admin web service for scheduling.
Advanced fitness analytics and interactive guide app that integrates with iBeacon technology. Optimized for use in fitness centers with a lot of hi-end features and tech challenges.
Grammarly is an online English-language writing-enhancement service and a free writing app. Boost Solutions developed a mobile-friendly website with a list of all Grammarly products and information about the company.
Fretly is the company that supports clients in road transportation tendering process on the French market. This project included the creation of e-sourcing and e-tendering web-based platform dedicated to road transportation.

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