Viktor Mikla

Supply Chain Management, IT, Operations
Consulting, Personal Coaching, Performing trainings
Viktor Mikla
22 years Management of International SupplyChain + Operations + IT

Main impact and responsibility is on my side. The team is selected depending on the tasks.

Shortly about myself – grown from a specialist to a Global Level Top Manager, achieved in a German company: over 13.000 employees in in 13 countries, 24 locations, different continents, annual turnover 1.600.000.000$. I’m located in Germany.

Experience in different fields (Supply Chain, IT, Operations) is supporting me to see the big picture. In the same time to use the knowledge from different areas to solve the topics. With a combination of experience to work with different nationalities across the globe (Chinese, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Austrian, British, American (different states), Mexican, Vietnam, Indian, Romanian, all post-soviet ones, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).

Went through crises periods with a result of growth. Transferred responsibilities from one country to another one. Created from scratch the teams and business processes.

I was going through Lean, SixSigma, Agile, Scrum – experience and not theory only.

Created a bunch of customised software solutions. Was responsible for succesfull implementation of SAP and business processes in different countries for company. Made solutions for small and medium businesses also. Experienced in IoT and Industry 4.0.

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